Redd Sports Group is a sports consulting company that assists athletes and their families navigate and understand the agent screening process by providing them with comprehensive educational programs for the agent selection process and professional athlete development.

The goal of RSG is to educate and empower you and your family with the knowledge to make good, informed and confident decisions based on facts and truths through the agent screening process and their professional careers.

Redd Sports Group Service

Educating and empowering college athletes, who are pro prospects, and their families!

By working with RSG, athletes and their families will feel less anxiety and stress that is associated with the process of agent selection and becoming a professional athlete.

Services provided to athletes and families working with RSG include (but not limited to):

  • Understanding of the NCAA amateurism rules RSG will re-enforce to the athlete and their family the basics of the NCAA amateurism rules. It is important that you understand the rule, as stated by the NCAA, so that you and your family do not jeopardize your eligibility, affecting not only yourself but your team.
  • Understanding the overall agent recruiting practices. Understanding your specific sport and what is expected of you, having an understanding of the recruiting practices of perspective agents is essential. RSG will help provide the athlete and their family the knowledge to help empower, streamline and control the process.
  • Understanding the overall agent selection process RSG will provide the athlete and their family the necessary understanding on how to interview perspective agents, what questions to ask, and most importantly providing the necessary information on the agent(s) and services they provide to make the best choice for the athlete.
  • Action plan for dealing with the agent processRSG takes the anxiety and stress out of the agent selection process.
    By working with RSG, families eliminate distractions by working with an experienced third party on your side. RSG will work with the athlete and their family on a plan of action that is consistent with the family’s comfort level and at the same time staying compliant with their school and NCAA rules and regulations.
  • Mentor Part of our responsibility is to help you make a smooth transition from student-athlete to professional athlete and to understand the difference and responsibility that comes with becoming a true professional.
  • Business Advisor RSG works with you to shape your professional development on and off the field.