Redd Sports Group LLC is a sports consulting company that provides colleges and universities with services and additional tools to enhance their current agent programs. By utilizing Redd Sports Group, colleges and universities are equipped to educate and empower their student-athletes and families as they embark on a journey of agent selection and the world of professional athletics.

The goal of Redd Sports Group is to educate and empower the athlete and their families with the knowledge to make good, informed and confident decisions based on facts and truths through the agent screening process and their professional careers. Redd Sports Group works with the college and university compliance departments to implement quality educational programs to provide the necessary guidance for their student-athletes, parents, coaches and support staff to ensure that everyone involved have all the right resources available to make those decision.

We offer a wide range of educational programs for student-athletes, parents, coaches and support staff. Some of the services offered (but not limited to):

  • Agent Recruiting/Selection Seminars for Student-Athletes and Families
  • Understanding Agent Recruiting Seminars for Coaches, Compliance and Support Staff
  • Create and/or run an agent day to help keep control and open communication with agents
  • Create and advise with school on Sports Advisory Board
  • Consult with the schools’ student-athletes and families individually through the agent interview and selection process.

Benefits to Colleges and Universities working with Redd Sports Group (but not limited to):

  • Allows schools to get out in front of the agent recruiting process to educate athletes
  • Strengthens a school’s compliance with NCAA rules and allows coaches and staff to focus on their jobs.
  • Allows student-athletes to get a jump start on the agent selection process by helping to eliminate distractions.
  • Helps prepare and equip student-athletes for the agent recruiting process in order to eliminate fear and apprehension about the process.